Natural Ethiopia Guji Dambi Uddo

Natural Ethiopia Guji Dambi Uddo


ORIGIN: Ethiopia Guji 

FARM: Dambi Uddo

PROCESS: Natural

REMINDS US OF: Chocolate Dipped Bananas, Strawberry Milk, Toasted Almonds

Tasting Notes:

This coffee literally taste like the perfect ice cream sundae. The first thing the flowed through my mind when tasting this coffee was the nostalgic memories of an ice cream parlor. When the cup is still hot, it has a heavy body with a soft tropical acidity that reminds me  a lot of bananas. As the cup starts to cool down, the zippiness of strawberries and bright berries start dancing on the pallet but the body of coffee never folds. This coffee is the perfect summer morning coffee if you need a little sunshine filled pick me up. Put on that good vibe playlist and lets get the day started!

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